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Pune - Konkan - Goa

A thrilling cycling experience along the Konkan coast that leads to one of the most happening destinations in India, Goa. Experience the tranquil sea and virgin white beaches upclose and fill your holiday with adventure and bliss. Leisure riding at its very best.

Dates : 26th October to 30th October 2017

Distance : 540 Kms. approx.

Arrangements : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner arranged till Goa.

Transport : Bikes (Arranged from Goa to Pune) ; Individual (On your own)

Places Covered : Mahad, Guhagar, Pawas, Mithbav and Mandrem.

Fees : Rs. 12,500/-

"Tour of Deccan is a total stress buster. The true definition of a leisure ride."


26th October to 30th October 2017

Day 1: Pune - Mahad : 120 Kms.

Day 2: Mahad - Guhagar : 105 Kms.

Day 3: Guhagar - Pawas : 100 Kms.

Day 4: Pawas - Mithbav : 110 Kms.

Day 5: Mithbav - Mandrem : 105 Kms.

"It never gets easier, you just get faster."

- Greg LeMond
"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the future of the human race."

- H.G. Wells

Do's & Don'ts

Guidelines for the tour

Do's :

1. Wearing of helmets with fastened straps is mandatory.

2. Carry extra water and energy foods (chikki/ energy bars/ bananas) - enough to complete the route. Sharing your food or drinks with someone in need is highly encouraged.

3. Do have tube, patches and a pump that you are able to use to repair your own flats. Do carry your own tool kit for cycle repairs.

4. Understand the route, destination and any mid way stoppages beforehand. Know where you're going in case (a) you're separated or (b) need to plot a course change.

5. Show up on time for the ride. Start time is announced the day before – make sure you are warmed up and ready at the start time.

6. Carry your ID, cell phone (even though it will not work in some places) and money on the ride. Do know the number of someone to call if you need help.

7. Share your tube or air with someone who needs it. If you are the one who needed it, ensure you replace what you borrowed to the person from whom you got it from.

8. Report any signs of fatigue or any form of sickness.

9. Maintain a steady pace - avoid temptations to accelerate, especially on the downhill roads. Always use both brakes and be more cautious on the downhill roads. It's a fun ride, not a race!

10. Always ride with someone. Find a rider or a group that matches your speed and try to ride with the group.

11. Discuss any issues/ problems during a day's ride in the evening meetings – to address and resolve the issues / problems immediately as far as possible.

Don'ts :

1. Do not litter. If you have any waste to dispose during the ride, carry it with you to the camp or leave it in the support vehicle.

2. Do not dispose toilet paper indiscriminately. If you use toilet paper – make sure it is either disposed in a pit or under a stone so that it is not flying around the countryside.

3. Using earplugs / music system ( iPods etc ) while cycling is not recommended. It could be very dangerous while cycling on the downhill roads.

Registrations for TOD 2017 are now closed!

Watch out for this space for next year's tour details!

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