Ladakh Lakes & Peaks

Chang La - Tso Pangong - Tso Moriri - Tso Kar - Tanglang La - Khardung La

LLP tour takes you on journey through three pristine lakes such as Pangong, Moriri & Kar and three of the world's highest mountain passes in Chang La, Tanglang La and Khardung La. The riders of this expedition will be the first ones to travel through this unique corridor on the Ladakh trail.The climax of the expedition is to finish the journey by cycling to WORLD'S HIGHEST MOTORABLE ROAD POINT – ‘KHARDUNG LA’ – 5602m / 18380 ft.

Dates : 14th July 2017 to 29th July 2017

Fees : ₹ 51,500/- + Service Tax as applicable

Cycles : To be provided on rent on the tour

Places Covered : Leh, Pangong Lake, Tso Lake, Moriri Lake, Chang La, Tanglang La & Khardung La


14th July 2017 - 29th July 2017

Day 1: 14th July  -   Arrive in Leh. Rest in Hotel Chubi.

Day 2: 15th July  -   Acclimatization in Leh.

Day 3: 16th July  -   Cycle to Sakti - 55 Kms. Pass through Thiksey, Stakna & Hemis monastries.

Day 4: 17th July  -   Cycle to Tsoltak - 50 Kms. Climb Chang La (3rd highest pass in the world)

Day 5: 18th July  -   Cycle to Pangong Lake - 55 Kms.

Day 6: 19th July  -   Stay at Pangong & drive back to Upshi in the evening.

Day 7: 20th July  -   Cycle to Chumathong - 60 Kms.

Day 8: 21st July  -   Cycle to Tso Moriri - 75 Kms.

Day 9: 22nd July  -   Stay at Tso Moriri.

Day 10: 23rd July  -   Cycle to Puga - 55 Kms.

Day 11: 24th July  -   Cycle to Tso Kar - 50 Kms.

Day 12: 25th July  -   Cycle to Lato - 80 Kms. Climb Tanglang La (2nd highest pass in the world)

Day 13: 26th July  -   Cycle to Leh - 70 Kms. Pass the river Indus on this route.

Day 14: 27th July  -   Cycle to Khardung La top - 78 Kms. Toughest ride (Highest motorable road in the world)

Day 15: 28th July  -   Stay in Leh - Relax and enjoy at Hotel Chubi.

Day 16: 29th July  -   Return to Pune.

"It never gets easier, you just get faster."

- Greg LeMond

Practise & Preperation

9th April - 9th July

Below is the practise ride schedule for Ladakh Lakes & Peaks Tour

In addition to the above schedule, please do the following exercises :

1: Cycling of about 20 kms. (1 hour approx.) in and around Pune, at least 2 times a week - Some of the standard routes include :

A. Karve Road – law College Road – Symbiosis – University Chowk – NCL Road – Pashan – Necklace Road – Chandani Chowk – Karve Road

B. Swargate – Shankar Sheth Road – Golibar maidan – Race Course – Arjun Road – Circuit House – Hotel Blue Diamond – Pune Central Mall – Bund Garden Road – RTO – Sangam Bridge – J M Road – Alka Talkies – Tilak Road – Swargate

C. Deccan – Karve Road – Paud Road – Chandani Chowk – NDA road – NDA gate and return to Chandni Chowk

D. Pune Stn. – Bund Garden Road – Bund garden Bridge – to Left towards Vishrantwadi – via Alandi Road – Central Jail – Golf Course – gunjan Theatre Chowk and back to Pune Stn.

2 : Gymnasium Exercises : Minimum 2 days a week to build muscle strength for the Lower body and Upper Body. Walking / Jogging / Running on a track.

3 : Yoga Exercises : Early Morning and every day. Yogasanas are recommended mainly for : a.) For lower back stretch & b.) For overall body stretch.

4 : Suryanamaskar : Daily - Minimum 25 reps.

5 : Pranayam Exercises : Early morning daily for 15 minutes minimum. To include: a.) Bhasarika b.) Kapalbhati c.) Anulomb & Vilomb

"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the future of the human race."

- H.G. Wells

Do's & Don'ts

Guidelines for the tour

Do's :

1. Wearing of helmets with fastened straps is mandatory. Non-Negotiable.

2. Carry extra water and energy foods (chikki/ energy bars/ bananas) - enough to complete the route. Sharing your food or drinks with someone in need is highly encouraged.

3. Do have tube, patches and a pump that you are able to use to repair your own flats. Do carry your own tool kit for cycle repairs.

4. Understand the route, destination and any mid way stoppages beforehand. Know where you're going in case (a) you're separated or (b) need to plot a course change.

5. Show up on time for the ride. Start time is announced the day before – make sure you are warmed up and ready at the start time.

6. Carry your ID, cell phone (even though it will not work in some places) and money on the ride. Do know the number of someone to call if you need help.

7. Share your tube or air with someone who needs it. If you are the one who needed it, ensure you replace what you borrowed to the person from whom you got it from.

8. Report any signs of fatigue or any form of sickness. Never ignore headaches at high altitudes.

9. Maintain a steady pace - avoid temptations to accelerate, especially on the downhill roads. Always use both brakes and be more cautious on the downhill roads. It's a fun ride, not a race!

10. Always ride with someone. Find a rider or a group that matches your speed and try to ride with the group.

11. Discuss any issues/ problems during a day's ride in the evening meetings – to address and resolve the issues / problems immediately as far as possible.

Don'ts :

1. - NO ALCOHOL or TOBOCCO - Consumption of alcohol or tobacco in any form or any other drug is NOT allowed during the expedition. Anyone found to be carrying and / or consuming any such substance shall be asked to discontinue the expedition. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE.

2. Do not self medicate without informing your tent partners – if you have any health problems discuss these with the Doctor & Group leaders.

3. Do not litter. If you have any waste to dispose during the ride, carry it with you to the camp or leave it in the support vehicle.

4. Do not dispose toilet paper indiscriminately. If you use toilet paper – make sure it is either disposed in a pit or under a stone so that it is not flying around the countryside.

5. Using earplugs / music system ( iPods etc ) while cycling is not recommended. It could be very dangerous while cycling on the downhill roads.

"Life is like riding a bicycle.You don't fall off unless you plan to stop pedaling."

- Claude Pepper

Registrations for LLP 2017 are now closed!

Watch out for this space for next year's tour details!

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